Your staff needs quality. They require high visibility, durability, comfort, and style. Whether it is security and armed forces, HLS, or general workwear, Beryl Davis has you covered – from head to toe. Check out the entire Beryl Davis catalog to learn about all of our customization possibilities.

Beryl Davis offers high end, tailor-made personal protective equipment and work wear. Our products are innovative and customizable, as per your needs and requests. From the initial design stage, through fabric and color choice, up to finishing touches such as company branding, we pride ourselves on flexibility and adjustability, meeting customer needs at every step. Let us work alongside you and provide you with the best unique work clothing for your employees.

We have the ability to design and manufacture private label workwear and uniforms for your company whether in the industrial sector, healthcare, cosmetics and medical, hotel and restaurant, security and law enforcement, or any other field of business with your own logo and branding. Contact us to create your line of top-end workwear today. 

Our products adhere to strict international manufacturing and quality standards: UL certification, NFPA70E, NFPA2112, ASTM F1506, ASTM 1959, ASTM F1891, ASTM F2733, EN 471, ANSI 107, and IS 1258 Part/4 (some limitations apply).

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